I Thought I Was Going To Be THAT Mom!

I spent years scrolling Pinterest pre-Solly looking at the most stylish dressed little children. The perfectly decorated nurseries. The fashion forward mother who TOTALLY lost all her baby weight and then sum 8 weeks postpartum. The cute photographed leg shots in bed showing my coffee, the Bible, and my sweet little babe all wrapped into one beautiful curated  image. The latest gadgets that helped me puree my own baby food, keep my baby entertained, and even give my baby massages…


I thought I was going to be the kind of mother who turned down hand me downs that weren’t stylish. The kind of mother who needed everything new. The kind of mother who definitely had a 6 pack 6 months postpartum. Dude, I didn’t even have a 6 pack before getting pregnant lol!

Y’all…Ive been changed. Call it age, call it fatigue, call it whatever the flip you want, but I absolutely could care less about what designer my child is wearing, what his nursery is decorated with, or what color of toy is sitting on my living room floor. I could care less that my Instagram feed isn’t filled with perfectly structured images, but with actual real-life happenings!! I could care less that his clothes look a bit worn because you know what? He likes to go outside and play in the dirt. And I love that. I love that his style reflect a child who is adventurous and carefree! I love the dirt under his nails and the bruise on his elbow. He is showing signs of a child who likes to explore and what could be better than that!?

I wish I could go back to sweet little pregnant Rachel and show her that there is more to life than caring about making sure everything in the living room is neutral, clean, and put together with a new smell to it. I purchased neutral toys for Solly once and you know what? He didn’t like it! He wanted the bright and colorful blocks over the gray and white ones! *eye rolling at myself*.

Ive thoroughly enjoyed being free from caring about crumbs on the floor, my hair being messy, and whether or not my thighs rub together when I chase after my son. There is more to life than what you look like, what your house looks like, or what style of outfit your child is wearing. In all that is cheesiest of cheese…I want to collect memories, not things. And a messy home, a dirty outfit, and a worn out toy shows signs of experienced life. THATS the kind of mother I turned out to be.

Solly enjoying a huge box of summer hand-me-downs from our friend Courtney!



Im a cheesecake lovin', Jesus chasin', country livin', mom and wife! 

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