New Things Solly is Doing!

Holy macaroni!!! Y’all, we are approaching 15 months of Solomon joining our little family and turning us into a family of three. I just can’t believe how quickly it has gone, and how sad I am and how happy I am at the same darn time. Its like Im in this constant emotion of not wanting him to get any bigger, but then being really thrilled with the new things he’s starting to do!

Im totally obsessed with his little communications right now. He is saying new words each day and really tries hard to repeat the things we say! Which also means we really need to reign in the things we say lol! Not that we go around dropping “F” bombs, but you know what Im saying! LOL!

Some words he is saying on the daily is purple, yellow, black, dog, cat, meow, woof, dada (and lots of it), mama, poppa, papaw, bottle, hot (puts his hand out as he says it), yum, ball, book, stuck, bike, beans, light, cheese, bird, Dash, duck, and a couple more that I know Im forgetting.

Its so nice to hear him communicate and it also makes things a LITTLE bit easier when he’s trying to get me to understand what he’s saying. I get so excited teaching him new words and what they mean! I ordered some flashcards to work with him here at home more, but I wish they were a bit thicker. These are like playing cards so he very easily destroys them! LOL

He also started walking pretty far this weekend! For a while he was able to take a step here and there, but would just lower himself to the floor to get to where he wanted to go. On Friday he decided he wanted to take even more steps and took about 10-15 strides across the living room!! Now he will actually walk when he lets go of something to get to one object to the next. He still has mastered standing up from sitting on the ground, but we’re making progress and its so exciting!

Im so thankful that Jared and I have both chose careers that gives us flexible family time. I mean, who gets to go to the park and play with their kids in the middle of a workday!? We are just so blessed that we can dedicate time through out our days to be a little family.


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