Little Life Update from the Jacobus Clan

Watching Jared become a dad has been one of the coolest things Ive gotten to experience. Our lives are so much different than they used to be and Im totally okay with that. We’ve  been working a lot on Breathing Room and what that looks like for us. We’ve gotten ourselves into too many activities and commitments lately and it just feels super overwhelming. It seemed as though we were gone more in the evenings during the week than at home creating peaceful routines and that just became exhausting. Jared is such a great father and we’re so lucky to have him be our biggest supporter. He is one of the hardest working men I know and often times I have to remind him that its okay to slow down for a minute and take a break, or go to bed at 10pm and not 1am. :)

Im so lucky that he has created this space for us to call home. Lately we’ve been tossing around the idea of selling and moving, but after a few recent conversations we’re deciding to just stay put. This feels good. Even though we’re still adjusting to living the country life, we want our kids to grow up having the space and ability to create and explore. Maybe in a few years when the kids are even older it will feel even more right.

As you may know, Jared became a Realtor this year! He went to school back in the fall and then was an official real estate agent as of January after testing. Im so proud of him going through what he did. He got through his classes VERY fast. It only took him about a month, but he was gone A LOT! Poor guy missed his family just as much as we missed him. Things are going well for him as he builds his business. He joined with his Dad and Cheri at Blue Tree Reality in Westerville and he’s really been loving it.

Solomon has been so much fun these past few months. His development is excelling and he’s definitely keeping me busy with new things and areas of exploration. Im trying to challenge him as much as I know how to so that he continues to grow and learn! His vocabulary is just so impressive. I can’t take credit for that, but I try to give him new words to try daily! He will repeat almost ANYTHING…unless its making him say his sorry…then he challenges me! LOL!

Life has been super crazy right now and in a lot of good ways and a lot of stressful ways. I just have to keep reminding myself that life is always going to be crazy, there will always be something going on, something to do, something to miss, or someone who needs something. Family life is amazing and is a lot of work. Moms out there who have like 4 kids or more….You go Glen Cocoa! Tell me your secret!!


Im a cheesecake lovin', Jesus chasin', country livin', mom and wife! 

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