Keepin’ It Real

What a rainy afternoon we are having here in Columbus, Ohio!! But, no amount of cloudy, rainy, weather can hold me back from the excitement of LAUNCHING OUR NEW WEBSITE TODAY!! Jared and I have spent soooo many hours redesigning this new website for Little Roo Studios! We are just wicked pumped to share with you all of the hard work that has been placed into our business!

Im very eager to get back into blogging again and sharing my thoughts and ideas and tips with you guys! I have missed blogging so much and its really something that gives me so much enjoyment. So here’s the deal…

Over the years I have began following and then unfollowing different bloggers. I get sucked in to their pretty imagery where everything looks perfect and clean and untouched. They sported all white, in-style clothes, while simultaneously feeding a toddler spaghetti and burping a baby…keeping those white clothes…WHITE. I don’t know. Not only that, but I felt like every time I found a blogger/influencer that I liked it seemed they posted nothing but advertisements. Im just sick of constantly being advertised to! I want to create a space to update REALY FREAKIN LIFE. Not some overly edited version of me.

So heres the deal…when you follow me on any of my social media outlets, this blog included, you’re going to get the real. You’re going to see dirty dishes, messes, struggles, victories, tantrums, fun times, exciting times, hard times and more! Basically, Im not here to sugarcoat things for you. Life is messy. Lets not compare ourselves to the perfectly portrayed on Instagram and blogs.

Welcome to my blog….now lets get messy!

Solly throwing a fit because I wouldn’t let him have a cookie before bed. Also, my kitchen is never this clean, don’t be fooled.




Im a cheesecake lovin', Jesus chasin', country livin', mom and wife! 

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