My Getting Ready Routine and the Products I Use

Hello world! Its been a while since Ive been able to really sit down and orchestrate a blog post! Goodness! Want to know what Ive been doing?! Do ya??


Ive totally been enjoying my family. Yep. You heard right. I have been being intentional with my love and time and trying my best to be fully present in my family life. You know what? Its kind of wicked hard. Spending time with my family isn’t hard, staying intentional is hard! Its just so easy to pick up my phone to check Instagram or Facebook these days and I honestly feel like I got a little too addicted! But thats not what Im here to talk about today. TODAY Im going to talk about the routine I follow when getting ready for the day!

But listen… somedays I do the full monty…most days I just wash my face, throw my hair in a bun, and jet! But, for the purpose of this blog post we’re going to assume the full monty ;)


  1. Spray my hair liberally with my Suave Dry Shampoo! This gives me wonderful texture and volume so that I can curl my hair and it actually STICKS. Ive been drying out the new texture spray from Kenneths, but so far it doesn’t have me itching to make the switch.
  2. Curl hair using my Conair 1.5 inch barrel! This gives me tight curls at first but as I shake out my hair with my fingertips they loosen and fall to where I like them.
  3. Finished with Kenra number 9 hairspray, also spraying in some of Kenneths texture spray to give my curls that “piece-y” look.


  1. Okay, so Ive incorporated a new routine lately since Ive purchased Rodan + Fields Soothe, Lash Boost, and Eye Cream. Before starting this new routine I would use Cetaphil face wash and Oil of Olay lotion. Im enjoying the new R+F skincare I purchased! At first my face started out way too greasy, and washing twice a day? What a challenge! But, I also want to invest time and money into my skin NOW so that Im not shelling out thousands of dollars in the future to fix sun damage, age spots, wrinkles, etc. Let me know if you want to try anything because I can hook you up with some discounts!! Im really enjoying the results Im seeing so far! I also was able to purchase a business kit (which saved me so much $$) that contained ALL of the regimens because I know full well that Im going to want to do them all, and continue to receive discounts for my future orders!
  2. Bare Minerals is MY JAM! I started using this makeup in 2012 and never looked back. Im a medium coverage kind of gal and the powder just sat perfectly on my face. I use the concealer, the powder foundation, the primer, and the lip gloss (on occasions).
  3. NAKED2 Bootycall is my go to eye shadow. I wish I could just buy that shadow honestly. I don’t even really use the rest of the pallet. Which now that Im thinking about it means Im pretty much using a $50 eye shadow! LOL!
  4. Covergirl mascara! Its in a blue tube, bent brush, and in color Brown/Black. This mascara gives me so much volume! Now combining both Lash Boost AND this mascara…I have lashes for days!
  5. Physicians Formula bronzer! I use this to do a slight contour (more like sun kissed) look over my face right before I apply my mascara.
  6. Right now Im TOTALLY obsessed with Katy Perry matte lipsticks! I love how they apply evenly and also how they don’t dry out my lips like some mattes do!
  7. Milani lip liner in color All Natural. I love my naturally bigger lips and sometimes I want to enhance them a little further so I will SLIGHTLY over line my bottom lip and very gently line my upper lips. This gives me a full full lip that my hubby goes crazy over :)


  1. Dude, Aveeno is all you need. #micdrop

I don’t think I am forgetting anything! I have had a decent amount of ladies ask me for a video tutorial on how I curl my hair and how I apply my makeup! Im really thinking about doing one, but want to make sure its done right the first time! :)

If you have any beauty products that you want me to try out please send me a link to them! I love trying new things and seeing what else is out there!! I would also looooove to see what your morning routine looks like! Shoot me an email or comment below what your routine consists of!


So for the days that I decide to put in the effort to get ready I use these products! Here is my MOM to BOMB transformation LOLOLOL!!!


Im a cheesecake lovin', Jesus chasin', country livin', mom and wife! 

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