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My Getting Ready Routine and the Products I Use

Hello world! Its been a while since Ive been able to really sit down and orchestrate a blog post! Goodness! Want to know what Ive been doing?! Do ya?? Well… Ive totally been enjoying my family. Yep. You heard right. I have been being intentional with my love and time and trying my best to

10 Ways I Love To Do Me Time

As a mom getting the chance for some “me time” is a little rare. Although, I know only having one baby definitely increases the amount of time I get to have, its still a very short amount of time. Right now Solomon is supposed to be at the sitters while I work. Unfortunately, she called

Losing The Baby Weight

Good Wednesday morning my lovers!! Today Im pumped up to write this post because this is the very first entry on continuing to lose the rest of my baby weight. Look, I know this is Wednesday, but from here on out you can expect a weekly update on my progress. Id love for you to

8 Fall Items I want in My Closet

Being pregnant in the Fall is going to be FUN! Ive been browsing the internet trying to find some cute things to wear this year but unless I want to spend an absolute fortune on stylish jeans or designer items, the options just aren’t thrilling. Im sure y’all have heard of Im obsessed with

Workouts : BOOTY!

If you’ve ever met me, you KNOW that I don’t have a tiny derrière! My husband has always said that he’s a butt man, and THANK GOODNESS because thats about all I bring to the table! HA! I got big buns and I cannot lie….Im talking about my hair! Geesss….. Ive been trying really hard

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