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Rachel Jacobus | About Me

          Spring of 2015 my husband and I bought an old fixer upper and have been renovating it ever since. We still have quite a long way to go! Solly is our first born son and we are head over heels about him. God willing, we’d love to have 2-3 more children. Photographing babies became my passion back in 2007. I especially love maternity and newborns because there is so much love when a baby is added to the family! There is only one brief moment when they are this little and they grow so very fast.

          There is something so special about having a baby. From the moment you find out you’re pregnant you completely, and totally, fall in love with someone you haven’t even met yet. You develop this special bond that only you and this fresh new life can share. They know your heart beat, and you work hard at growing theirs. When they are born you become overwhelmed with a love that you never knew existed. A love that takes you to depths you didn’t even know you could reach. That first coo, that first smile, the first roll, crawl, and step. The first time they say “I love you too”… That is something I never want to forget. Something I want to wrap up tight and cherish forever. Something I want to pull out of the wooden box of memories and completely relive that day like it was yesterday. That right there is what makes me passionate about photographs. I get the privilege of providing families with the chance to always remember, and to never forget.

          My name is Jared and I am the second half of the team. I rarely get seen as I’m usually behind the scenes doing the non-fun things like banking, taxes, IT, product, and operations type stuff. Im also a photographer but I leave the newborn and baby photography to my wife! (she’s the baby whisperer)

          My favorite moments with my son are when he gets fussy in the middle of the night and needs some comforting. I love being able to scoop him up in my arms and either rock him back to sleep or give him a bottle to settle him down. I realize that these times won’t last for too much longer which, I know this sounds crazy, but I had my wife capture a photograph of me and Solly late at night so that I can always think back to these times no matter how much time goes by. That is the power of a photograph. And that is why I believe in what we do.

Jared Jacobus

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