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Hi! Im Rachel! Me and my husband Jared moved from a nice suburban home in the city to a fixer upper farmhouse in the country in 2015! Since moving into our unfinished house we’ve birthed one ornery little boy who keeps us completely and totally on our toes! Im not handy when it comes to farm work or house renovation, but Im REALLY good at coming up with ideas for Jared to do! I have a passion for food. Food is life. I find something comforting in gathering around a table with loved ones and sharing a meal. I suck at technology and get really annoyed with people who sit on their phones in social situations. Having a drink on a patio with my husband in the summer then walking Uptown Westerville is literally one of my most favorite actives in the entire world. 90% of our date nights include those items. I freakin’ love being a mother and have always felt that being a mom and a wife was my deepest and most important calling. Also, I really love wine. So basically, if you love family, food and drinks, hanging low key, and being outside then we will get along perfectly. ❤️ 

My Favorites

- Being a wife and mother 
- Pizza any kind...all the kinds 
- Apple scented candles 
- Summer patio drinks with my hubby
- Watching the sunrise over our field 
- Coffee 
- All kinds of wine and beer, except IPA. Yuck. 
- Going for long walks 
- Watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother and The Office
- Fun workouts 
- Traveling to the Carolinas 
- Fall and Winter Holidays. Especially, Thanksgiving and Christmas! 
- Being simple! 
- Summer evenings with friends and family 
- House remodeling projects 
- All kinds of music, but love country! 
- Naps with the windows open 
- All kinds of ice cream except chocolate! 
- Pink, blue, and gray everything 
- Bath bombs! 
- SUPER clean floors 
- Spending time with Jesus 
- Volunteering 
- Cheesecake of many kinds 
- Four wheeling with my family 
- Game nights 
My Philosophy Family photography shouldn't feel stiff and unnatural. They should be a true representation of who you are as a unit. Life should be documented to freeze time and preserve a precise depiction of personalties. This stage. This part of life. The good, the bad, the messy, the playful. Lets capture THAT!
The Experience When you work with me you're definitely gaining a friend. Im not a shy individual when it comes to documenting my families. I show up in jogging shorts or yoga pants so that Im capable of crawling around on the floor, running through the park, or getting underneath tables with your child(ren). I love being crazy and silly because how else do you make an instant friend with a kid? You can expect a fun and energetic time!

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Hello! My name is Rachel and I am excited to start a conversation with you! Can't wait! :)

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