7 Homeschool Activities for my Toddler

If there is one thing I absolutely LOVE doing, its teaching Solomon new things. When he first started talking I knew I wanted to try and teach him big words! This has also sprouted a challenge in myself to learn new words and try on a daily basis to find ways to use them. Today Im trying to sneak in the word deciduous…HOW THE HAIL does that just come up in normal conversation?! LOL! Anyways….

My love for teaching Solly has grown and grown. He is now mimicking us as we sing ABC’s, can recognize some numbers, colors, shapes, and can recite almost his entire flash card pile. He is literally blowing my mind and its such an exciting thing sitting down with him and showing him new stuff!

Each day we have “school time”. Listen, this is not a strict schedule where everyday at 8:30a.m. we sit down and do school. No, we fit it in through out day of chaos when we feel its a good time. Here is a peek into what “school time” looks like for a 21 month old…


  1. Numbers and Mathematics puzzle.
  2. Color sorting bears.
  3. Pipe cleaners and fuzzy balls (what are these really called?).
  4. ABC’s Puzzle from Melissa & Doug.
  5. Picture and word flash cards.
  6. Colos and shapes puzzle.
  7. Crayons and paper (not pictured).

The pipe cleaners are a wonderful tool to use along with a strainer from your kitchen. Solomon is super interested in putting things together so he will sit for 20 minutes trying to poke the pipe cleaner into the holes of the strainer! While he does that, I drink coffee…or wine…depending on the time of day we’re working on this.

This Melissa and Doug puzzle is so cute because you can pull the little white handles off and it has adorable little pictures behind them so it helps the child relate the image to the letter.

The color sorting bears (which I got off Amazon) are so stinking cute and really helping him with his colors and sorting. We’re still mixing up our colors, but were off to a good start.

Look how adorable these illustrations are under the letters!

“School” for us only lasts about 20 minutes TOPS! His attention span is like a 2 year old! ;)

Other ways Im preparing him for preschool:

  • Storytime at the library for learning how to sit and listen.
  • Play cafes and parks for social exposure with kids he doesn’t know.
  • Play games, pretend, explore nature.
  • Share attention (since he is an only sibling right now).
  • Practicing putting on our own socks, blowing our own nose, washing our hands, etc.
  • Learning how to clean up.
  • And just living a life being little and awesome.

I hope non of this sounds strict and routine because its absolutely not. These are just things we try to incorporate into our daily routine so that when the day comes he is comfortable and mostly adjusted to living life in school.

What are some activities or things you do with your child under 3? Leave me a comment below or comment on my FB post! :)


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