5 Ways To Successfully Run A Business With Your Spouse


Jared and I have worked successfully side by side for the last 13 years, spending nearly every day with each other, with very few arguments…*gasp*…how have we been able to do it? Most couples we run into ask us this question, and they usually follow with something like “we’d never be able to work together, we’d kill each other!!”, “Don’t you guys run out of things to talk about?”, “Who is really the boss over here?”…and we ALL know the answer to the last question ;)

  1. Be an insanely good forgiver! This is the biggest way we’ve been able to be successful in building a business, our marriage, and keeping feelings from being hurt. Listen, we’re all human, we’re going to do things/say things that might not be super awesome to your business partner/spouse. Learn to forgive and move on as fast as you possibly can! Especially, if there is an apology in place! Forgive and show grace, we will all need it eventually.
  2. Be a great listener! We’re all so quick to be spewing out our own ideas, thoughts, and opinions. But, being a good listener allows you to take time to learn something you may not have thought about!
  3. Work in different areas of the house. You may be working on the same business, but think about possibly working in two different areas of the house. That way you don’t feel like you’re on top of each other ALL of the time. Or you can literally work ON TOP of each other all day long like we do! ;) lol
  4. Be mindful with the way you interact with them. This partner of yours is your spouse FIRST. You must always keep in my that you just cannot treat them like you would an employee, or coworker. You absolutely can make out at lunchtime if you so wish ;)
  5. Don’t talk business on date nights. You need to learn to set designated times to work. Set limitations on when you accomplish work things, and when you accomplish relationship things. It can be easy to get caught up into talking about business every chance you get. Continual learning about your spouse outside of WHAT you do is so incredibly important!

If you are spouses working together, what do you do to keep your marriage and business separated? :)


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