10 Year Anniversary

Wowza! 10 years, man! We’ve done it. Last Saturday we got to go out and celebrate, and while it wasn’t going as according to plan, we ended up loving the end result. Lesson learned, Coopers Hawk needs a reservation, but Ocean Club REALLY goes all out to make you feel special on your anniversary. Can we say yummy? yummy.

We arrived to Coopers Hawk at 6pm and they told us they weren’t even accepting walkings until 9pm. #oops. So we decided to hoof it down to Ocean Club where we were seated right away on the second floor patio overlooking the streets and shoppers of Easton. The sun began to set, the lights strung in the trees started lighting up, and we shared the most delicious (and expensive) bottle of wine. It was glorious!

Every year I ask what was most memorable about this last year. Most of the times are answers are all filled with great and wonderful things that happened. This year was a tad different. From the loss of our pregnancy, my surgery, Solly having a seizure and being taken to Childrens by squad, and then losing Dash in a traumatic way all within 3 weeks of each other, our minds were fresh with hurt and pain….

Jared sat thinking, and I could tell he was trying to not be a mood buster, but he said his most memorable moment was chasing down the squad in the pouring rain with his baby and wife inside and not knowing how his child was doing. I could tell he didn’t really want to say it. That he really craved saying something light hearted and funny. I gently touched his hand and reassured him that it was okay. That our memories don’t all have to be picture perfect and positive all of the time. Life hurts. Life can suck. Its okay to share that.

After that moment of tearfully reflecting on this last July/August, we started to recall some amazing moments from this year.

  • Solly’s first birthday party (that I went way too overboard on).
  • Watching Solly walk for the very first time.
  • Taking a family vacation and seeing Solly enjoy the ocean.
  • Having many cocktail and game night dates with just the two of us.
  • Digging up trees around the farm to grow in our yard.
  • Dirt bike/four wheeling family trips around the farm.
  • Solly saying “I love you” for the first time.
  • Hocking Hills vacation for the first time as a family.
  • First Christmas with our son.
  • Career changes.
  • A ton more that Im just not recalling!

Long story short, this year was full of awesomeness, and also full of some of the hardest things we’ve been through! But dagnabbit we made it through and are on the other side of those! We have amazingly wonderful friends who came along side of us and really stepped up when we needed help. We are so blessed and lucky to have all of them!!!



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