Little Roo Studios is Getting a Facelift

Watching Jared become a dad has been one of the coolest things Ive gotten to experience. Our lives are so much different than they used to be and Im totally okay with that. We’ve  been working a lot on Breathing Room and what that looks like for us. We’ve gotten ourselves into too many activities and commitments lately and it just feels super overwhelming. It seemed as though we were gone more in the evenings during the week than at home creating peaceful routines and that just became exhausting. Jared is such a great father and we’re so lucky to have him be our biggest supporter. He is one of the hardest working men I know and often times I have to remind him that its okay to slow down for a minute and take a break, or go to bed at 10pm and not 1am. :)

Im so lucky that he has created this space for us to call home. Lately we’ve been tossing around the idea of selling and moving, but after a few recent conversations we’re deciding to just stay put. This feels good. Even though we’re still adjusting to living the country life, we want our kids to grow up having the space and ability to create and explore. Maybe in a few years when the kids are even older it will feel even more right.

As you may know, Jared became a Realtor this year! He went to school back in the fall and then was an official real estate agent as of January after testing. Im so proud of him going through what he did. He got through his classes VERY fast. It only took him about a month, but he was gone A LOT! Poor guy missed his family just as much as we missed him. Things are going well for him as he builds his business. He joined with his Dad and Cheri at Blue Tree Reality in Westerville and he’s really been loving it.

Solomon has been so much fun these past few months. His development is excelling and he’s definitely keeping me busy with new things and areas of exploration. Im trying to challenge him as much as I know how to so that he continues to grow and learn! His vocabulary is just so impressive. I can’t take credit for that, but I try to give him new words to try daily! He will repeat almost ANYTHING…unless its making him say his sorry…then he challenges me! LOL!

Life has been super crazy right now and in a lot of good ways and a lot of stressful ways. I just have to keep reminding myself that life is always going to be crazy, there will always be something going on, something to do, something to miss, or someone who needs something. Family life is amazing and is a lot of work. Moms out there who have like 4 kids or more….You go Glen Cocoa! Tell me your secret!!

Good morning friends!!! It is one rainy rainy day! Solly and I are trying to figure out some rainy day fun ideas, but right now he’s napping and Im taking a minute to show you this awesome promotion we’re running until tomorrow (June 24th)!!

We’ve had so many requests for mini sessions lately. We typically didn’t even do mini sessions because it sometimes can feel so rushed! But when you have little children who only have an attention span, or a tolerance, for like 20-30 minutes then I totally see the benefit for offering smaller sessions!

These have been a hit and I love that Im able to provide more families with great portraits to hold on to!

Don’t miss out on our promotion!! Cant wait to meet you, see you, love on you!!!

I spent years scrolling Pinterest pre-Solly looking at the most stylish dressed little children. The perfectly decorated nurseries. The fashion forward mother who TOTALLY lost all her baby weight and then sum 8 weeks postpartum. The cute photographed leg shots in bed showing my coffee, the Bible, and my sweet little babe all wrapped into one beautiful curated  image. The latest gadgets that helped me puree my own baby food, keep my baby entertained, and even give my baby massages…


I thought I was going to be the kind of mother who turned down hand me downs that weren’t stylish. The kind of mother who needed everything new. The kind of mother who definitely had a 6 pack 6 months postpartum. Dude, I didn’t even have a 6 pack before getting pregnant lol!

Y’all…Ive been changed. Call it age, call it fatigue, call it whatever the flip you want, but I absolutely could care less about what designer my child is wearing, what his nursery is decorated with, or what color of toy is sitting on my living room floor. I could care less that my Instagram feed isn’t filled with perfectly structured images, but with actual real-life happenings!! I could care less that his clothes look a bit worn because you know what? He likes to go outside and play in the dirt. And I love that. I love that his style reflect a child who is adventurous and carefree! I love the dirt under his nails and the bruise on his elbow. He is showing signs of a child who likes to explore and what could be better than that!?

I wish I could go back to sweet little pregnant Rachel and show her that there is more to life than caring about making sure everything in the living room is neutral, clean, and put together with a new smell to it. I purchased neutral toys for Solly once and you know what? He didn’t like it! He wanted the bright and colorful blocks over the gray and white ones! *eye rolling at myself*.

Ive thoroughly enjoyed being free from caring about crumbs on the floor, my hair being messy, and whether or not my thighs rub together when I chase after my son. There is more to life than what you look like, what your house looks like, or what style of outfit your child is wearing. In all that is cheesiest of cheese…I want to collect memories, not things. And a messy home, a dirty outfit, and a worn out toy shows signs of experienced life. THATS the kind of mother I turned out to be.

Solly enjoying a huge box of summer hand-me-downs from our friend Courtney!



Jared and I have worked successfully side by side for the last 13 years, spending nearly every day with each other, with very few arguments…*gasp*…how have we been able to do it? Most couples we run into ask us this question, and they usually follow with something like “we’d never be able to work together, we’d kill each other!!”, “Don’t you guys run out of things to talk about?”, “Who is really the boss over here?”…and we ALL know the answer to the last question ;)

  1. Be an insanely good forgiver! This is the biggest way we’ve been able to be successful in building a business, our marriage, and keeping feelings from being hurt. Listen, we’re all human, we’re going to do things/say things that might not be super awesome to your business partner/spouse. Learn to forgive and move on as fast as you possibly can! Especially, if there is an apology in place! Forgive and show grace, we will all need it eventually.
  2. Be a great listener! We’re all so quick to be spewing out our own ideas, thoughts, and opinions. But, being a good listener allows you to take time to learn something you may not have thought about!
  3. Work in different areas of the house. You may be working on the same business, but think about possibly working in two different areas of the house. That way you don’t feel like you’re on top of each other ALL of the time. Or you can literally work ON TOP of each other all day long like we do! ;) lol
  4. Be mindful with the way you interact with them. This partner of yours is your spouse FIRST. You must always keep in my that you just cannot treat them like you would an employee, or coworker. You absolutely can make out at lunchtime if you so wish ;)
  5. Don’t talk business on date nights. You need to learn to set designated times to work. Set limitations on when you accomplish work things, and when you accomplish relationship things. It can be easy to get caught up into talking about business every chance you get. Continual learning about your spouse outside of WHAT you do is so incredibly important!

If you are spouses working together, what do you do to keep your marriage and business separated? :)

Holy macaroni!!! Y’all, we are approaching 15 months of Solomon joining our little family and turning us into a family of three. I just can’t believe how quickly it has gone, and how sad I am and how happy I am at the same darn time. Its like Im in this constant emotion of not wanting him to get any bigger, but then being really thrilled with the new things he’s starting to do!

Im totally obsessed with his little communications right now. He is saying new words each day and really tries hard to repeat the things we say! Which also means we really need to reign in the things we say lol! Not that we go around dropping “F” bombs, but you know what Im saying! LOL!

Some words he is saying on the daily is purple, yellow, black, dog, cat, meow, woof, dada (and lots of it), mama, poppa, papaw, bottle, hot (puts his hand out as he says it), yum, ball, book, stuck, bike, beans, light, cheese, bird, Dash, duck, and a couple more that I know Im forgetting.

Its so nice to hear him communicate and it also makes things a LITTLE bit easier when he’s trying to get me to understand what he’s saying. I get so excited teaching him new words and what they mean! I ordered some flashcards to work with him here at home more, but I wish they were a bit thicker. These are like playing cards so he very easily destroys them! LOL

He also started walking pretty far this weekend! For a while he was able to take a step here and there, but would just lower himself to the floor to get to where he wanted to go. On Friday he decided he wanted to take even more steps and took about 10-15 strides across the living room!! Now he will actually walk when he lets go of something to get to one object to the next. He still has mastered standing up from sitting on the ground, but we’re making progress and its so exciting!

Im so thankful that Jared and I have both chose careers that gives us flexible family time. I mean, who gets to go to the park and play with their kids in the middle of a workday!? We are just so blessed that we can dedicate time through out our days to be a little family.